Digital flower pictures, please!?!? (8 NEW PICS ADDED!)


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Feb 1, 2004
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Hey Chris, you might help:

This is our fir - and I think it is blooming. Could this be. Are these fir-blossoms? And are there male and female blossoms?



For they appear this differently.
Very pretty, I think. I don't recall ever having seen a fir tree in bloom.
But they must be blooming at some stage, else I wouldn't know how they could possibly produce their cones!?!?!?
Need to bump this till Chris finds it, I'm afraid...
Thanks, Chris.
But, couldn't the other Chris come round, maybe?
The one who knows?
Hey LaFoto,

I am afraid I am not well versed in Fir trees as they do not grow well in my area (too much humidity and pollution). The first photo are the flowers, weather they are male or female I am not sure. I think it has to do with how far up the tree they are growing. The female flowers only grow near the crown. The male flowers grow in clusters (which it looks like yours are). The second photo, I think, shows cones just starting to mature. One of the things I like about Fir trees is the cones are upright. It makes for an unusual feature.
Ah. Those are going to be the cones! Then this fir is getting PLENTY this year! Very, very, very many!

If you are interested, here are a couple more photos of that same tree which I took today:


Only the tip of the tree as seen from the upstairs window ... sorry for the busy background



The blossoms as they look now, 2 weeks after I took the first two photos





Several pics of the new cones (and they more and more look like cones now, too!)

And last, but not least: the new light green tips of the twigs, this one still with the shell on its very tip in which they are saved/stored before they start to grow (as can be seen in the second of the top two pics, only are all those shells out of focus there):


By the way: this tree has a history.
If anyone would like to hear it, let me know, so I might feel like putting it up in the Photojournalism Gallery one day. (?)
great pictures laphoto. i really love the fifth picture. It reminds me of mountains in china although i've never actually seen one personally.

ive never seen a fir tree before and i was wondering how big they are since in ur photo # 1 they look really small and i would love to hear the story of this tree.
Oh-oh-oh, our fir is undergoing stress!?!? :shock:
That is bad!
What can we do to help it?

And I mean to say that not this kind of fir has a history, but this very tree does, a very personal one, very personal to me, too, and quite "close to home" --- with quite a bit of sadness involved, so if you still want to hear it?
The story is up now in the Photojournalism Gallery... for whoever might be interested.

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