Digital Images and adding custom metadata to them


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Aug 8, 2013
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Thanks in advance for your attention. Here's the situation:

I am an IT consultant, have been in the industry for 24 years, but photography is not my thing. I have a client that needs to take high res still picks and save them to a computer for later xfer to a shop management program. It will have to be manually imported at this time as the software developer has no intentions of including the ability to read metadata from the image. That's not the problem. Setup is a Nikon D7100 setup on a fixed mount being controlled by Nikon's camera control software. So far so good, it is taking great images. Here's the glitch:

We need to put custom metadata onto each image which will have numerous industry specific fields. We need the interface to bring up the fields that need to be filled out and obviously the standard metadata as well. Then we save the revised image with the included medata.

I have found a lot programs that will let you add metadata, but only what they decide no real customization. I know this was long and appreciate any input you can provide. If you or you know of a company that could assist us we would appreciate it.

Garry Pratt
Senior Consultant
Mark Frederick and Associates

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