Digital or Film?


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Jun 12, 2003
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What do you guys prefer, Digital or Film?

I have both digital and a SLR 35mm… I like them both, but I’m leaning closer to my digital camera for the following reasons.
1-results are at your fingertips.
2-no more wasted of film or prints
3-create and improve on my computer

The only think like about the 35mm is the “end” results will come out much clearer
I prefer digital:

I just got a digital camera, and have over 3000 pictures after about a month and a half. Never would have been able to do that with film...

I am learning a lot about taking pictures that I wouldn't have been able to if I was worrying about how much it cost to develop the film (or how much the film itself cost)...
uhhhhh ohhhhh :shock: .... this topic of discussion stands along side politics :lol:

but i do prefer my DVD player as opposed to VHS :D
Well, my betamax and videodisc players are uhh... superior to both... yeah
I think there is a time for both, but I plan on getting a 35mm scanner I just like the feel a slr plus I don't look like a tool with a point and shot. my digital camera is a canon s50 and my slr is a nikon n90s so there is a big dif there!!!
dwight said:
Well, my betamax and videodisc players are uhh... superior to both... yeah
superior to vhs yes... wouldn't really consider it "superior" to dvd. :p
I have both as well - I really enjoy working with my photos but hate traditional darkrooms so digital is a must for me (I can use PhotoShop). I also have an Epson 3200 scanner (film and flatbed) so that sort of eliminates that as a deal breaker.

Why I like film: Exposure latitude is FAR superior. Resolution and grain are also superior.

Why I like digital: Instant feedback on photo quality. Also freedom from incremental costs for film and development let me shoot at a rate that I would never have considered with film. I am much more free to experiment or just blast away - sometimes a dud photo has a small good bit that can be saved and worked with.

Bottom line: I honestly think film delivers superior images but I only use digital these days. My film cameras (love them though I do) sit in the drawer at home.

I chose film.

Right now, I can't afford to go digital, but if I could, I probably would.

It's a matter of cost, mainly. Film costs more in the long run, and is a bit more time intensive.

For digital, I would need a good computer, a good camera (probably will get a Sigma 10 megapixel when I hit the lottery), PaintShopPro, XARA X and as many lenses as I can afford.

As it stands: I could get away with all of the above, minus the digicam and with the addition of a Slide Scanner.
I love both. I just ordered my worderful canon 10d, but also just got a great old polaroid 195... a new lense for my pentax spotmatic.... and working on my darkroom set up. Digital is so woulderful, and I am SOOO not going to get into one is better than the other. I enjoy both, and each has its pros and cons. Darkroom is a blast for me, and so is photoshop. Great fun.... not cheap fun however. I need a better job :)


Hiya, I agree with your points completely and I believe that most people will relate to it.

I think it strongly depends on your style - and perhaps it should lean towards what will encourage you to take more pictures (digital, at this moment, right?). Aside from cost of digital cameras, this mode of photography has enabled me to take more candid photos without hesitating whether it is 'worth' it and hence allowed me to enjoy photography more. I take the SLR on 'important' occasions or occasions where I think I can get a photo blown up and framed.

I'm also generally on the computer so I will tend to see my digital photos more often rather than flicking through a photo album.

I understand the arguments on quality and I agree with them. I'm just basically putting forward the considerations on enjoying photography.
the volume of shots made is definately a valid consideration.

However, I fear that in time we'll see that there will be some other value to the old film method we're not witnessing here...

Who knows...

I'm going to stick with film for now... It's still cheaper. (and if I get that ONE GREAT SHOT, I will BUY a Digicam! after selling the shot...)

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