Digital SLR... choose for meeee


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Aug 18, 2003
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Toronto, Canada... EH?
okay, my budget runs from $0 to $2500 USD (absolute max).
Price must include everything!!
digital SLR camera w/ 4+mp, stand, 1 good lens good for portrait like shots, backup battery, flash, 512MB+ storage, maybe a case, and any other camera related items I don't know of :p.

To be used for model shots for my upcoming crappy ecommerce site. and for whatever else I want to take a picture of.

So far, I've been recommended (and like) the Canon EOS-10D and Sigma SD9. got anything else that's a good deal without compromising too much of quality
Do you have a SLR now with good lenses, it so look into a want works with them first, IMO there is no need for 4+mp for web only use, if you are willing to go with 3mp, a used Canon d30 should cost about $800 US on ebay, the problem with the Sigma is that it writes only in raw so each file will be about 40mg each, So a 500mg CF will hold about 40 shots, Canon d30 has some problems too, as I recall reading it writes and firers snow (lag time between that you see thru the lens and what is written to memory)

i'd go with the Canon 10D and a fast lens :D

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