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Nov 26, 2005
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so far in my photographic career, i've been self taught. so to get some experience with event photography, i've been taking pictures for my school yearbook (there's quite a dearth of "real" photographers). so the coordinator sent this email out to the school asking if people want to take pictures even if they have no experience. they even said they'd be offering money for people to take classes over the summer. mind you they had absolute beginners in mind for this. now i, in a hurry, misread the email and replied saying i was interested.

now this got me thinking. i don't mean to sound above it all or anything like that, but i feel i'm above a beginner class. although, some of my photog friends recommend i take it nonetheless since i'm self-taught. so i'm not sure what i should do. i feel like class of that nature is a bit degrading but some seem to think i'd benefit despite my experience. what should i do?

(sorry if this doesn't make sense or anything to that nature, it's very late at night as i'm posting this)
No matter what your level the class will be good. Spending time with other photographers is important. Plus no one knows it all. I bet a dollar you will find it useful.
bigfatbadger said:
Sorry, I'm a bit confused. You've volunteered to take pictures for your yearbook and before you can do that you've got to take a class?

i meant that they're offering the opportunity for beginners to take a class at their expense. i'm already taking photos for them though
Find out what they are going to be covering. If it's just the tech side of things and you know all that, then maybe skip it. If they are going to be covering compostition and hopefully have some critiquing going on, then I say go. As Craig says, spending time with other photographers is important. You can learn a lot by going over some else's work.
free class
why not?
theyre always helpful, and if you are above it, then you can pwn some n00bs with your awesome photos :p
Take the class. You will learn something you did not know. That is good.
I would definitely check it out first - I've taken a couple of classes that I've really thought were a waste of my time (even if they were free)

If you want to rub shoulders with some other photographers, why not join a local club?

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