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Jun 13, 2011
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Daytona Beach,Fl
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Taking off a parking garage in downtown Chicago
I see the lights are starting to come on. I'm fascinated by the image of the El. So smooth!

Meanwhile, the processing is a little heavy-handed for my taste.
I am sure that lots of people will think its heavy handed , I get lost all the books you read and see its all heavy.... so I try to find what pleases myself and take notes from others and try it different after I get feedback
I like the composition, the roiling sky and the nice straight verticals. To me it looks like a plastic model so I presume that's what others are referring to as Heavy Handed.
Well like the others I like the composition but it's too saturated for my tastes. Truth be told if I didn't know this was a photograph my first impression would have been that it's a digital rendering of some sort.

I guess some folks really like that sort of thing and in the end it really is about what makes you happy, but since you did ask for feedback mine would be to cut down on the saturation. A good photo like this one doesn't need it.

Just my 2 cents worth, YMMV

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The processing seems to work for me with this image. There is a surreal quality but it doesn't cross that line into cartoon.

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