Dirty Prism (Canon Elan 7)

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    Hi all

    During the weekend I was taking some pics with my Canon Elan 7 in a very dusty evironment. Every now and then I gave the lens a blow (with a blower, not my mouth!) and brush to keep it clean, but after a while I saw some spots in the viewfinder.

    The front of the lens was clean so I took it off, cleaned the back and the mirror but the offensive particles could still be seen.

    Thing is, my prism is what is really dirty and I don't know how to clean it... I tried the blowing brush but the specs were too firmly attached.

    Should I try harder with the brush?
    Should I use some lens cleaning solution?
    Lens cleaning paper?


    (I posted this in the film discussion forum, but LaFoto gave me her consent to post it here as well)

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    I've got the same camera and the same problem. Solutions anyone??? I'm thinking about bringing my camera in to get a professional cleaning but we're in season here and I don't want to part with it just yet.

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