DIY Soft Box?


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Sep 11, 2007
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Hey guys. Ive been lookin around ebay- to find a cheap soft box attachment for my Vivitar or Crown flash(came with my K1000) they both have the same shape and are perty much the same flash as far as cosmetics go. But im not looking to spend 20-w.e on a plastic sleeve that fit on the end of my flash. I was curious, if anyone has done this DIY with any sort of quality? I havnt taken it any farther than this post. I was just lookin to see if any of you Camera Guru's have seen this or actually built your own. Any info to redirect me or point me in a direction of materials.
Will be much appreciated.

Thanks Guyz! and of Course Ladyz!
well, i've never done this, but you could use a tupperware bowl or something similar with a hole for the flash cut in the bottom with a semi-transparent top on it.... is a good place to look too
Do a google, there are at least 20 sites that should come up that discuss exactly this. It gave me several ideas that I will try out one day in the future!

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