dj Spiral - Live @ "Perpetual 1.2" 5.27.06

Kent Frost

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Jan 27, 2004
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Springfield, MO USA
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Well, as you might have imagined, this is a bit off topic.

I just thought some of you might like to check out the results of one of my other hobbies, which is DJing.
The style of music is loosely termed "electronic", but I'm sure that many of you would more than likely associate with it the word "techno".


Length: 110 min

01. The Dark Inside - D-Pen & V-Sag
02. The Expressionist - MRZ
03. One For The Road - Grayarea
04. Go To Sleep (White Label Remix) - Radiohead
05. Kings Of Dirty Gold - Francesco Farfa
06. Kickin' Down (Rico Tubbs RMX) - Manuel Neztic
07. Zhenge - Dan F
08. Safety Glasses - 40oz. Frap
09. Stombox - Mobile Gazer & DpL
10. Face Like A Robot - Random Source
11. Dizzy Synths (Paolo Mojo) - Can Costa
12. Out Of Focus - Central Rush
13. Anyway (Steve Porter Mix 2) - Amber
14. Leeloo - Minilogue
15. Espen & Incidental - Oblivion
16. Dirty Grooves (Main Mix) - Rulers Of The Deep
same here..... im very interested in the radiohead remix..... looks like a good set. :thumbup:
That Radiohead track =
Whenever I converted all my vinyl to digital and sold all the records, I had more than one taker for that track. ;-)
been feelin the techno a bit more as of late.

downloading now.

i think it boarders more on trance than techno...... which is good cuz i prefer trance..... but i'v listened to it and i thought it was good kent, nice one.... (esp the radiohead track! ;) )... i'd recomend the download .... good stuff :thumbup:
Ah, finally someone who knows they're electronic music. Personally, I think it would be categorized more as progressive house & breaks.

For those who want to be real specific about it. ;-)

Thanks for all the comments.

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