Do you carry your DSLR everywhere?


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Feb 17, 2012
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Do you carry your DSLR pretty much everywhere even you don't feel like it sometimes? I was at the art festival in one weekend, and I brought my compact digital camera. I was a bit disappointed because there was a fashion show that day, and I didn't know ahead of times. Painstakingly, I had to use my compact digital camera to shoot pictures at those models, and I always wished I should had brought my DSLR.
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Mine are rarely more than 20 seconds away.
It's just like making sure you grab your ID.

Car keys? Check!
Wallet? Check!
Money clip? Check!
Gripped D300 w/24-85 mm f/2.8-4 lens? Check!

"OK! we're out'a here."
Depends on where I'm going and what I'll be doing. You can't get every possible shot that ever comes your way, at least I don't think that's realistic. You get the photos you do, and you miss some. I'd rather have quality photos than worry about getting every potential photograph that could ever have happened.
No way. Too much other stuff to carry that too. But realistically, it doesn't matter much ... I don't get to go to interesting places every day, and what am I going to shoot at the grocery store?
Of course I do, I don't live in the grandest of neighborhoods you know!
Yes. Some camera is always with me. I don' feel compelled to shoot every day, but I like having it.
My biggest roadblock to overcome is my intense need to go home after work. If I ever succeed, I will at least have a camera with me.
Absolutely not. I've always got the camera in my phone if something special comes up.
Everywhere that isn't work... and really only that because I'm a dog groomer and my DSLR + tiny dog hairs just terrifies me.
I would love to. It's just too much diff for day-to-day plus having to worry about its safety all the time. Which sucks, because I really wish I DID have it at all times
Absolutely not. I've always got the camera in my phone if something special comes up.

You should apply at the Chicago Sun Times - I hear they're hiring ...

Good point! Wonder if they want any Nashville stringers 'cause I ain't moving to Chicago.

I am scared to have somebody steal it if I leave it in the car. So I bring it only when I am sure I will use it. I sometimes regret not having it though!
I only take 'big cameras' with me if I know I'm going to use them. I very rarely leave the house without either my Olympus XA (compact 35mm rangefinder) or a digital P&S though.

Worst case, I have my cell phone.

I used to go way overboard - bringing all kinds of crap I didn't end up using to events. Now I try to bring as little as I can get away with. Carrying a bag around all day can get to be a pain in the ass...

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