Do you save the originals?


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Nov 2, 2007
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Lightroom automatically saves a copy of the original.

Well...actually, it never touches the saves edits as actions. So yes...I do save all the originals.
I keep 4.
1 original RAW
1 coverted to DNG
1 16 bit JPG after RAW Processing, my working original
1 8 bit JPG edited version
I shoot only RAW, those I keep in 100% unedited original format.

I now edit only in CS3 (trying hard to learn it, but so far, basic editing has been very satisfying), and I output to JPG when I want to get it printed out.

I have 2 of any given pic. I've not looked at saving to TIFF and playing there, but maybe in time. I know that TIFF and Nikon's NEF (raw format) are technically very similar.
Crumb people you make me look lazy!

I save all of my RAWS (then burn to a disc) then as I process out I just work on them and save them as TIFFs as are, as opposed to 'save as' ing.
Do you save the originals of your photos that you have edited somehow in addition to the edited version?


Usually copy the RAWS to CD, immediately, then I start editing, culling, on the hard rive and save the JPGs that I created from that work, minus anything I don't find acceptable. Those are backed up to different CD.

Don't save working files forever, unless I think I might want to use it or do future modification. Usually I don't clear the drives of working files, for months.

Even 160 gb starts to get used up, and needs to be cleaned up. But there are always the originals and the edited versions, in two places. (or more) :lol:
I haven't quite worked out whats best for me yet, But i Have major catagories, with dated folders, then I have a Raw folder, with all the tiff files, converted in the folder.
Save to disc and HD as a raw straight after the shoot, all conversions saved as tiff/psd then a jpeg file of edited versions that remain untouched from further edits, and, finally, edits, tiffs saved to disc again. H
Crumb people you make me look lazy!

I save all of my RAWS (then burn to a disc) then as I process out I just work on them and save them as TIFFs as are, as opposed to 'save as' ing.

What happens when you get them printed, or is that something that you do not do very often?

For me, I mostly apply PPing to display the pictures in a format that is not very demanding (for displaying on TV or HD TV in slideshows). It is less often that I print out my pictures, so JPG is a very good ending format for me.

When I do want prints, my local photography place requires me to send them JPG format pics, so again, though I up the size and quality, it is still a JPG.

In the end, TIFF, I believe is a lossless format, so you are not loosing much assuming that the PPing that you did is corrective as opposed to a unchangeable modification. For example, in RAW files to change the white balance it is something we can change without modifying the file, this is not something that can be done on a TIFF. I am not saying you cannot change the tonal flavor, just that it is not done or reversed as easily/effectively as with a RAW file.
Only when editing. Once I've edited, whats the point in keeping to the original. Those who know me from other similar threads would know I don't re-edit. I finalise my photo, print and archive. The original is then wasted and often ugly and unfinished waste of space.
I save RAW, and keep the original.

If I later do not like an edit, then I can only undo it properly if I still have the original.

also, edits are often for a certain purpose. If I later want to use the image in a different context, I will do an alltogether different edit.

oh, and I do not consider my originals ugly ;)
I save originals in raw form on a dvd and an external. Then save anything that is more than a basic edit in psd on the dvd and external with the resulting jpg and or tiff whichever I used to get the prints done with.
Jerry, my photo lab takes images in both TIFF and JPEG so I generally prefer to save in TIFF since it is lossless (or say I have heard). I only save in TIFF if there is a possibility I will be printing, if it is just a snapshot here or there, I will actually shoot it in JPEG (see, I am lazy! ;))

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