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Do you think there is anything wrong with buying the 5d mark ii as a first SLR?

Rebekah House

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Apr 8, 2009
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Hi, I work at a photography store and am considering the 5d mark ii as my first camera. I just don't believe in buying lower level entry cameras and their lenses and then later other medium level ones and their lenses and eventually buying a full frame and the corresponding lenses. Some photography people seem somewhat offended by this sentiment as though i have to "earn" the right to buy a 5d ii by buying other cameras I will end up not needing later. I say that a person should buy a camera that makes them want to take pictures and makes them happy with the pictures they take. I mean, I don't think I should really have to explain myself as to why I want to buy a nice camera. People are so wierd sometimes. What do you all think? It would be nice to have some normal opinions for once.
I mean, I don't think I should really have to explain myself as to why I want to buy a nice camera
Exactly! :)
My only advice is that if you are going for a camera that nice make darn sure your getting some good glass to go with it!
As for others some are jealous - others are more cautious - a 5DM2 is not a cheap camera and if you get some good glass for it that will cost a lot as well. After that a few accessories and a bag is even more cost -- and for some even though they might have the money they might not be fully sure that its the right hobby for them - hence why some will start (or advise) going for a lower level body so that if you suddenly find that the hobby is not for you you can pull out with less financial damage (though pro end gear can keep a lot of its price for resale)

That you work in a photography store I am sure you have some idea of what is going on - so after that pick out some good glass for yourself and then go and snap away :)
In this regard, what you do with your money is no one else's business. Enjoy your camera. :)

If people are offended by that, that's their problem, not yours.

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