Documentary work in Washington, D.C.


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Apr 29, 2005
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Washington, D.C.

It's been a while since I posted here, and I wanted to share the results of a project I finished not long ago. I quit my job for six months, applied for some grants and shot photos in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The explanation and so on are all on the site, and if people want to take a look I'd be flattered. I've since gone back to work, but I'm proud of the work I did and wanted to share. You can also find a link to more of my work under the "about the photographer" link.

Check it out, it's at

Wow. Such a variety of different photographs, your work is inspring in the way that it demonstrates just how so many photographic oppurtunities can be provided within such a small area. I was amazed at how well you captured the people just going about their daily routines, as well as the more intricate detail in the buildings and skies you captured. The photographs that stood out for me was the one of the girls on Halloween, as well as the shot in the kitchen of the pizza place (I do believe), not to mention the leaves on the sidewalk.

Thank you very much for sharing, you have captured many wonderful images.
I enjoyed the series :thumbup: . There are a lot of images that stood out.
I really liked the second image (girl on the bike). Fantastic light and beautiful saturation.
you got an excellent and original style going on with shots like 36 & 43,
plus some memorable b&w of the street. the color shop-interiors are happening and interesting. you seem to have reached right in to this community on several levels - it's good to see several smiling faces rather than so much gloom which is often a bit of a cliche with 'gritty-realism' photography.

meaningful assignment, thoroughly approached - many really great shots - congratulations.
it looks like a realy fascinating area. the buildings and people are really interesting. I think you short it very well. Great job. How did you survive for 6 months without wrok? Did the grants alone allow you to do it?
Thats the sort of stuff that I would love to do, but family and work get in the way of it.

Great series of shots mate!
there are some really interesting images in there... really enjoyed that. nice work. :thumbup:
pretty cool. Watch some of your burning as I can see halos around some of the subjects in your photos on my monitor. I think you performed some selective burning correct?
Wow, this is a site that wants to be explored a little further!

But before I go on studying your studies on everyday life in the Mount Pleasant area of DC let me tell you about my initial confusion, during which I thought you were "elsaspet" because I did not read your nick right, and I went "Huh? 'Elsaspet' quit her job for six months? :scratch: She did NOT - she's photographing weddings these days ... but hang on. 'Elsaspet' is a 'Robert'? :scratch: :scratch: Never! What is this .................. ah! :idea: ..... it is 'Elsapo' here!"

(Don't laugh too loud at me :confused: - I know: I should read the names of the posters BETTER!)

That girl on the bike ... have you not shown that photo on here before??? Last year? That one looks quite familiar - and it is still as good as it was when I saw it first!!!
Wow! What a great site... You are an amazing photographer and WRITER. I am at work now and trying to write a letter but I can't stop looking at your site seeing the pictures and reading your writings.. What an interesting and entertaining site... You have definitley achieved your goal of communicating with other people with this site... I have bookmarked your site so I can read everything and see all the pictures later..
So far my favorite is the leaves on the sidewalk, but there are so many good ones that is hard to choose one..

I would love to shoot people in their daily lives but I am not very comfortable doing it and I always think that they think I am spying on them or something... So how do you go about taking pictures of people that they don't know you??

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