does the camera matter

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    From my point of view, the kind of camera is of little importance.

    When we look over the important photography of past years, few photographers had anything like the quality of camera's we have today. So we get caught up in the question if I just had this or that equipment I could make better pictures. Much like the piano student saying if this keyboard only had 122 keys I could create beautiful music.

    The first semester at ID we were told to go out and buy a cheap plastic camera and that would be it for the term. By the end of that session everyone knew how to compose. Few people take the time to learn or deal with layout and design.

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    Thank you for taking the time to help.

    I shoot in manual mode. I am a very beginner but i know how to take a basic picture using aperture and iso..

    I know to not go under 60...
    I have a 50mm 1.8 and sometimes i try to open ot that much to get more light...but if it is more than one person...i will only hey one person focused. Or if i focus on eyes i may get whatever in her hands out of focus.

    My iso foes to 6400 but the pictures look terrible because they are too grainy.

    I know i have a lot to learn. So im taking this year to try to really learn about my camera rather than just take a basic picture.

    Im lookong

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