Does your light meter work with a lensbaby?


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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL
As the title asks. I posted this in the LB forum, but I don't think there's too much traffic over there. Their website says 'It will not communicate electronically with your camera'. Does anyone know if the light meter still works TTL though? I am using a nikon D50 and N80 35mm BTW. So anyone who has one (I know you're out there), does yours work?

Thanks in advance
I don't know for your F80 but you'll certainely have to work with a handheld meter with the D50... you can only use AF/D/S/G and AIP lenses if you want a built-in meter.

But you'll get used to the handheld meter it very quickly... if you've never tried it, aim the meter at a grey card, and measure...
you then set the shutter speed and aperture and let's shoot...
Even if it doesn't work you could always just take your best educated guess and check the histogram. Although doing that while trying to hold your lensbaby in place incase you need to retake the shot would be difficult.
the manual that comes with the lens says that it has no TTL metering with the D50, so I guess you're out of luck.

It looks like it applies to the film bodies too, Unimaxium.

It's a shame because metering works just fine with Canon bodies. I wonder if there's a way to trick the camera into thinking that it has an AF lens attached?
I use the histogram with my Canon 5D, it's more accurate anyway.

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