dog(wood) and butterfly...


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Feb 2, 2005
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location, location
:heart: heart.. one of my favorite groups...

i thought about putting fangs on the butterfly, and putting it in
the darkside gallery...but then thought, nah, i can be semi normal for a little while!!

now, thats scary, huh??

my dog wood that we planted when our son was a baby...


i usually take pics of him under it every year....
but i had to find a sub.... this butterfly will do for now...


until caleb flies back home...


this is the underside of the flutter by.....he left pretty quick...

if this seems blown out, i am so sorry...

knot fan ( knot head is more like it...) missing you...!!:heart:
the colours in these are really nice. the blacks in the butterfly makes them pop out
ok april, your not allowed to be negative about your photog from now on ok!!.... these are great.... firstly its a great idea... if i ever have baby angels im gonna do the tree thing too :mrgreen:..... second you captured these beautifly, i really love the last one :thumbup: great job! :thumbup:
Awesome job April. Love these. In the first shot, it looks like a jet stream in the background. The blue and white is really striking together.
Excellent job girl. Hope to see more.
johnmf..thanks for your kind words....

woodsac, dang it dude, your just wanting a week end pass... ok, your free..try your door....
angel... i guess your waiting for cherubs, then right??

yeah, the tree is a cool idea...and that one was a wild one that we planted the year he was that idea from my father...thanks for all your sweetness....just like and angel....
dang it chiller....
i should have known you would see that.... it is a vapor trail from a jet...

thought about ps ing it....then decided one would see it...
(right...leave it to chill baby..)
Love these.
I love that first shot. With the blue sky!!!

These are all great.

I am not one to critque but this was what someone told me the other day when I did some butterfly shots.
I thought the advice was awesome and really appreciated the tip.
If you just add a little contrast that butterfly will really POP.
I couldn't believe the differnce it made when I did it with mine.

I am getting contrast happy I don't know tons about all the ps stuff but every little tip helps. (at least for me it

Great shots. Love the idea of taking the pic with your son every year too!!!
I am right there with ya aprilraven.
I am trying to figure all this stuff out with books, the internet, and a wonderful site called the TPF!!! hee hee

Trust me I would have never tried it on my photos without someone pointing me in that direction. So if I can pass it on to someone else, I will gladly do so. I need all the help I can get!!!!!! =)
Beautiful shots there Aprilraven! As the rain splatters against my window here, it's so nice to see images of sunshine, blue skies, flowers and butterflies. The last shot in particular is gorgeous.
awww. anty, your more than welcome to head down here...its hitting 82 today...

uuuggghhhh...i miss winter already..........

fate...thanks dude for noticing i am not in the dark side...( this is how we lure others to our web...)

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