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Jun 29, 2005
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Archangel said in another thread that he was in need of some feathers ... he didn't say they all had to be the same, so I found him some!

(I've tried to resize the dang things, but I'm having no luck ... sorry for the HUGE photos ... :blushing: )

This is an 'Aprilraven wannabe shot' ... can't compare to her flamingo she posted a while back, but here it is ...


An eagle ... majestsic looking fella ...


This isn't even remotely a decent shot, but look at the warm colors ... I just loved them!


Thanks for looking!
haha..... hey these are even pinker.... im gonna look totally camp with them stuck to me, but thanks for the offer :mrgreen: The other two are good shots anicole... i like the warm colour of the last one too....

I may have to dye those feathers tho if thats ok :mrgreen:
That flamingo shot is just stunning, Anicole! The detail in the feathers just blows me away. Nice one of the eagle, too, and like you I like the toasty colors of the duck.

I think Angel is gonna have to give more details of exactly where the replacement feathers are going, and how they came to need replacing, or else the only donations will be of the pink flamingo feathers, with no dye job allowed. He musta found that elusive fallen angel with the nice feathers, and lied to her...
yo angel... i'm thinking we need to find a crow for you...your feathers in black with a cast of purple hue to them....yeah, thats more you...dark angel...

pallie...!! your flamingo shot is it... and your eagle shot is so the duck...never could figure out what it was exactly...

the colors you capture are just wonderful....see..? you need to post more... i know you got many more awesome many did you take? 350???
Cool shots anicole. Love the first one.
These feathers we are hunting...are swan feathers good to go.
Cool shots anicole. :D Can only repeat what's already been said ... love the colour and the textures of the first one and the warm colours of the 3rd one are fantastic. Good stuff :thumbup:

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