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Aug 15, 2006
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I believe that taking photos of people steals a part of the soul from my camera.

Well, maybe not from the camera, but maybe part of my soul.

Anyone with similar a theory?

never heard it that way round.

I know in some cultures, people believe taking an image of them steals part of their soul, but not the other way round.

I myself never had the feeling you describe either. Although I have to admit that shooting people is a strange feeling compared to shooting landscape and architecture.
I had spent last weekend taking some pictures of people in the group I was with. There was a very ugly lady that whenever she seen me, she got in front of the camera and sneered. I don't know what was up her ass, but I think her repulsiveness cursed my camera and the sound function for the .mpg clips I was recording didn't work. It seems to be just fine now, but I'm having problems with the zoom.

I think it has turned into a witch.

I'm going to test it. I'm going to tie a rock to it and throw it into a bucket of water. If it still takes pictures when I pull it out, then it's a witch. If it's broke and doesn't take pictures, then the camera wasn't a witch, and I wasted a perfectly miserable 10 year old digital sony mavica worth about $10 in today's dollars.

Of course the camera is an inanimate, non-living object. This is why I think shooting photos of the miserable, shriveled, crab-lady has diminished my soul- maybe. I still treat my dogs ok.
You must have found some peyote while you were shooting in the desert:shaking:
Before I give you a theory I work on, do not destroy your camera, not its fault.

I am going to go on the basis that your description of “ugly” has little to do with this miserable, shriveled, crab-lady’s physical attributes. She may have been the Elephant Man’s twin sister or another Catherine Zeta Jones for all I know, but it is irrelevant. I tend to think in terms of energy.

She was casting off negative energy directed towards you for some reason. You, no doubt were grooving on some positive vibes (peyote or not) and the two opposing frequencies collided. Perhaps her energy force was just decidedly more focused than yours and caught you off guard. This would have cause an immediate irritation on your part. However, she did not have such a command as to knock you completely off center, thus manifesting its influences on the inanimate object of your interest, the sony mavica.

You have to be careful around these people. My approach is to not approach and avoid as much contact as possible. Energy vampires suck.
Sorry Dude, nothing else to add at the moment. I just needed to get grounded after.....I just needed to find a burrow that feels comfortable.

Most master pieces are about people!

A good snapshot of people do reflects a lot about mankind.
I think the camera gods will have to fix this problem

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