Dormitory Bricks


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Apr 6, 2006
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Comments? Any way I could improve this shot? Thanks!
My only thought is that there might be a bit TOO much going on here. Three arches with three windows. Three second floor windows. Distracting downspout. Six pieces of dental work. It's an awesome building, and I think that maybe focusing on a smaller portion of it might work better. Just my $.02.
Well... I'm on the flip hand side of the coin, I'd like to seen more. One more set of windows on the left hand side and you may have some good symmetry happening. Then again I'm a nut and I don't play by the rules. It’s still a cool shot Wendy!
In all honesty, I quite enjoy all of the contrasting patterns and lines (especially in black and white), but I was playing around with the idea of perhaps cropping some of the bottom off and eliminating the partial windows, but leaving the arches. Still can't decide.
Nice image
I like it Wendy. I also agree with Randog. Another set of windows would be cool, but I still really dig the look to this shot.:thumbup:
As per your requests....

More windows:

Less windows:

I ended up playing with the crop here for awhile... thats the neat thing about it -- you can do so much with it :)
Dang. Now i can't decide :p Nice shot, though, wendy.

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