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Dec 14, 2003
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Took advantage of some great weather for an early morning stroll down by the lake.



IMG_7332a.jpg ol friend stopped by for his usually taunting


My hiking partner, and best friend Kane

Great shots chiller, nice rich colours in the swans..... nice crow too!... I want a dog just like yours he's awsome. nice shootin :thumbup:
^^^ Yep, Kane is "vogueing" for sure. What a handsome fella.

The swan shots are awesome. I can never get that detail with white feathers. Good job. It's funny, though, so see the swan pics beside your avatar with the big knife...
Whassup Cannuck?!?

I love that third shot!

Kane looks awesome, as usual! He's such a playa! :pimp:
Thanks all for your comments.
Yeah.. Kane was tryin to hustle some lab down the road there. Put on his best for her.
Antarctican....ya know.. I never thought of that...could be a darkside post coming soon. whahahahhaha
Great work. I always enjoy looking at your work.
These are GREAT! WOW!
There was a technique momof4b's used the other day with the little girl in the stroller where it was a photograph with her arm out of the photograph. I can't think of what the technique was called. I am thinking that technique with Antarcitans idea would be wicked near that avatar. Having the swans head just stuck out there like come and get

Take that AWESOME 3rd shot and then crop the head out of #1 and put out there. I am thinking yeah that would do it.

OK I am gonna zip it now and find something to do. lol
I am so totally and utterly in awe --- I no longer know what to say.
Birds and I ... no good (and that while I am a "née Vogel" - and if you don't know what Vogel means, go look it up). They always fly away!
Thanks Clark, N2 and Corinna.
N2...hmm..I gotta go see that thread... I missed that one.
LaFoto.. these birds are so close, that I can actually touch them. I had about 10 swans eating out of my hands. They are very people friendly, and at one point, one was tuggin on my sleeve, lookin for more bread. These were shot with an 18-55 lens. I had the advantage of the dark background already as we were sitting in where they launch the boats. But that crow....:playball: I have a few choice words for him, but this is a family forum.
Thanks for the link N2. Very cool idea. That can be put to some use.:mrgreen:

Thanks so much Sir Raymond. Next time Kane and I do the Niagara trip I will schwing by with him.

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