Downtown Bangor, ME

Trenton Romulox

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Mar 10, 2007
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What do you guys think about this shot? I haven't quite decided how I feel yet, and was looking for some general critical analysis. Thanks for looking.

Anything? Good? Bad? Hideous? I'm really interested to get any critique at all on this shot, even if it's something as simple as, 'I hate it.' or as complex as, 'I really hate it. It sucks.'
hey trenton, i believe that this is a wonderful picute i like it a lot... it has plenty of vibrant colors and i love the angle you took it at!
I like the picture, I find the colors very interesting - a very warm/yellow scene with the cool blue light of the tree and it's reflection on the road popping out, I find it very pretty.
The only thing that irks me about the photo is the second intense blue light over the pub which seems to suck my focus away from the rest of the scene.
Still, the shot gives me a nice feeling overall. :)
... I haven't quite decided how I feel yet, and ...

I think the issue here is that there are too many things going on compositionally. Too busy. There are several shots within this shot. A better approach to this type of situation (where the light is stable) may be to move in, explore, and pick out simple compositions. Isolate your ideas. That may help to define how you feel about the shot.
I'll agree with abraxas in that it is a bit busy.

The one thing I would've done different in this shot is to use a smaller aperture. The larger light sources are nothing more than blobs here, and using a smaller aperture would help to rectify that. It would of course require a longer shutter speed, and I'm not sure what kind of time you had for that shot - possibly would've gotten light trails from traffic going by? But as long as that traffic light stayed red long enough you might be ok. ;)

Also, the lens flare above the street light is annoying - I'd clone that out. The lighter flare below it is ok with me.

Of course, this is all just my opinion...
Yeah, I've not touched the shot since I took it last weekend, I think I see some cropping opportunities here. Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm gonna go toy around with the image and see what else I can come up with, and maybe do a reshoot before the tree comes down. Thanks again for you replies.
Ugh to the rediswh sodium street light colour and it is very hard to remove it - so I would go for this sort of colouring


and crop.

But if you are doing it again - try bracketting the shots and then you can pick/clone the bests bits in so that there are less blown areas. And I agree with the others that you need to have a better composition to lead the eye into the picture.

Good luck and post the next one

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