Drum Scanning - UK commercial rates


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Mar 24, 2006
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Quite soon , I will be in the market for several drum scan enlargements
from some 35mm negs. I'm interested in meaningfully-large .. i.e a walk-around exhibition space comprising with 6 pictures on the walls (within certain image-quality boundaries). 3:2.. I'm hearing £50 a pop. anyone got any advice ? they pics are probably from 400 speed xp2 super.
Going rate used to be about £30 per neg, but that was about two years ago. If you're getting several done, get a discount... other than that??

£50 sounds expensive, but there's no such thing as a cheap drum scan, and I'd avoid anyone that claims to offer them. We scan up to A3 at 300 dpi from a 35mm which for exhibition panels would be ok at around A1 size but we can't compete on quality with drum scans. You could try a company local to us called Quayline (http://www.quayline.co.uk/) - not sure how much they charge but they're really honest guys and turn most things around in 24 hours...

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