Duck fly-by (good laugh for Airic, Chiller, Raymond, Canoncan et alii)


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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This is the best I can do about the ducks down by the river.
They don't want me there.
They always ALL fly away.
How DO you do it? (My biggest problem today, despite the cold, was that I soon so needed to go to the bathroom......... :roll: - How can you sit there all day and wait for your chance to get your good photo?)


As you can tell, these are all heavily cropped, and then made small, though I did not plan for them to come out THIS small...... Oh well....
Way to go Corinna. Joining the bird hunters. No crows eh?
If you try Sir Raymonds tips with the shutter speed, you will do fine. :thumbup:
I just noticed the little orbs on your shots too.
You really need such fast shutter speeds!?!? Well, that is definitely something to remember for the future. I took these at 1/100!
Well, next time... Thanks so much for the info!!

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