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Apr 19, 2009
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Devon, England
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Hey world of Photography,
Im Lizzie, but LizzieF on here, because either Lizzie was taken or the Admin didn't want me to have it. "Grrrr". My username is Lizzie on alot of other forums, including writing ones.
So, yes, I am Lizzie, 14 on May 16th. Yes, I am young, but don't let my age get the better of you. My Dad says I am talented in creativity, so I hope he is not just being nice.
I live in England but I am currently in Australia until the end of my 3 week holiday tomorrow. :( So, as there is a 22 hour flight home, I probebly will not be on after now until 5pm on tuesday, GMT.
Sorry, I am slightly hyper after drinking alot of Milo and eating TimTams. -Google Them-
Over my Holiday I have had the privallage to take ALOT of photos abroad. Such as from the top of the Sydney tower, Opera house, from a boat, Manley beach waves (today), Brisbane Sea World and Adalaide. I will try and take some on the plane aswell and upload them.
I enjoy taking photo's froma range of angles and shots. I will not be proceeding to do it as a career in a later life (I would like to be an English Teacher, Author or Jounalist) but it definatly a hobbie to do in my own time.
I hope you find my photos okay and alright.
This is a little preview of a before and after (edit) of a photo that I took from the top of Sydney Tower:
(Okay, maybe another time since my internet is very slow)
So, I hope I am welcome and WOAH this Milo is going straight to my head.
Tahh and Bye xx
Welcome to the world of photography. Can't wait to see your pictures of Australia! Allow us, if we may, to critique your photos, show you what is good and where you can improve, and make you a better photographer. We all started where you are, and we all continue to learn from each other's critiques and suggestions. Welcome aboard!

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