Dusty Mandolin (mixed light experiment)


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May 17, 2011
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I figured with me yammering on about HDR I ought to try making a few. So have at it Binx and VIP :lol:

This is more of a test on changing the ratio between strobe and incandescent and how this affects HDR processing, so I know that the background has a visible seem, needs drycleaning and the mandolin should have been wiped down first (HDR brings out *all* the detail). But I'm pretty happy with the result otherwise.

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I like it - it doesn't have that typical, instantly recognizable HDR-look (and that's good), instead you have a moody, soft look. This would work well in a "classical music" setting IMO.
I have a more crispy version, but I preferred this one and it illustrated the effects of the mixed light experiment much better.
Well I know this wasn't the intention of your light experiment, but it feels like you've merged a sepia image with a color image. Lots of shadow details are lost, especially around the bottom of the guitar and folds in the cloth, which HDR usually resolves.

Ligthing on and around the guitar is contrasty and void of saturation. Giving the whole image a darker, soft sepia feel with some selective coloring.
I agree that i should have taken another stop above to resolve shadows. Bear in mind to simplify the experiment I did use only one light and the only ambience is reflections off the walls.

The sepia coloring comes from the incandescent modeling light. I don't mean that I'm making excuses here, your analysis is definitely spot-on.

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