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    I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of negativity and such about respecting my gear (and others).

    Today I was feeling a little bored and felt like complaining about my ricohs 55mm prime. I had it back in the day when I was a nothing but a photography tadpole so I felt the lens up a bunch and put all sorts of chemicals on it, pretty much, it doesn't take pictures like it used to. Well, my friend who apparently cheated on his girlfriend and is being eaten alive left his d40 at my house and I believe he has no intention of coming back for it. Just playing around I thought I would mount his kit lens 18-55mm onto my ricoh. Turns out it doesn't fit half bad, it's stuck in f/22 (which I can change to f/3.5 by putting something to lock the aperture lever over). I release the shutter, nothing breaks :D when I'm at 18mm, there is a huge vignette but it goes away around 22-24mm. I plan on buying some film today and just experimenting around.
    I put my ricoh prime on the d40, not so great results >_>

    Anyway, this isnt asking a question or anything, just thought I would share my experience even though its prolly been done a billion times.

    This was shot with the d40 + 55mm Riconar


    This was shot with some random digicam I had laying around. On this, I have to hold the lens up to the camera and I focus by walking forward or back.


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