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    Hello to all out there

    I am new to digital photography, but I am getting into it because I need to produce a catalogue for my business.
    As a newbie in this field, I have bought an Olympus E300 with macro lens, and 2 budget priced external flash units which are triggered by the flash on my camera. I also have al ight tent, but I have struck a major problem.

    I use the light tent, but the external flash units don't seem to trigger at the same time as the photo is taken ( I believe that they trigger late), so the photos are rather dark. The camera manual doens't explain any of the settings in depth, so I am wondering if anyone can offer some advice on what I may have to adjust in the settings so the flash triggers at the same time as the photos are taken.

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks in advance


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