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Aug 12, 2013
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Hello all

I'm Justin. I've been very interested in photography for some years now and have never been able to afford even a kodak throwaway. I'm proud to say I've now got a stable job and am so eager to finally get out in to the field and start capturing some amazing images!

Definitely a 100% beginner and I have no idea where to start.

Any advice would certainly be appreciated and would love to show my improvements on here as I mature in knowledge!

Whatever camera you buy, read the manual! You might check out the book: Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson also!
Hi Justin, and welcome to the forum! :)

Start by taking lots of images (and yes, get familiar with your camera's manual!). Figure out what appeals to you...look at the Galleries and check out all the different approaches to subject matter. Questions will start to occur to you and when they do, ask them! Post your work in the Galleries, too, and get some feedback on your progress. It's a journey, and should be a life-long one! No need to rush.

Have fun!!
Hello and welcome to the forum Justin!
Welcome to the site.
Thank you guys! I went and bought a very clean well taken care of D300. Looking for a 18-200 VR II lens right now. I've heard that's a great all around lens to work with. Know anyone who's selling theirs?
Wow Talking about getting your feet wet.a. Starting off with a D300 is not something you usually don't see newbies start with but great choice.Should last you a very long time for durability and growth and there is nothing wrong with that as you will not have to upgrade for quite some time.Welcome to TPF

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