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Jan 7, 2005
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Arlington, Tx
lake wayne wallace in oklahoma

Just beautiful! So calm, so serene.

Now all I can hope for is that there are not as many mosquitos out and about (that we only don't see) than are out and about where I am this year ... I went out by bike for a bit of early morning photography and now am a walking itchy bump ... a whole-body-mosquito-bite-bump. Grrr. Mosquitos can stand MUCH in the way of some quiet and peaceful photography...!!!
There wasn't much of a problem with mosquitos there, but we did run across quite a few ticks while at the park. The lake is in Robbers Cave State Park in Oklahoma.
beautiful scene... did you catch anything (besides this photo)?
dont think sitting down is a stance for fly fishing!

im jealous wish it was me fishing...
we caught quite a few catfish, some blue gill, and a couple of bass. not exactly from that spot but pretty close.

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