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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by lynch512, Jan 10, 2005.

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    that's great, because THAT was the purpose! and the referral it's an internal one, just to know how many people would enter Dreamstime after reading threads on one forum or another. it's a PR evaluation referral and no one makes money out of it!

    and that's for all the comments my thread raised:
    I don't actually understand what's this fuss al about. so what if would have been a real referral, not just an internal one? what would have been the harm done?
    if you would have bothered to just go and take a look you would know it's not just some small stock imagery website that struggles to spam everyone around. but it's sooo much easier to stand up there and criticize everything, isn't it? event though I posted some piece of information!
    you know something, I'm Romanian... Marketing and all connected may not be so well developed in here, but at least people don't panic over interests when someone offers a piece of information.
    NOW you can "kill" me, admin, if that's what you think best!
    Sorry I got mad, but sometimes... guys, it's 2 much!


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    You know you really should get a life.

    You whinge because no one is nice to you. But your only two posts have been pathetic, worthless SPAM.

    You couldn't give a damn about this forum, just your own "studies"...

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