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Nov 12, 2004
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Sunny Scotland
Anyone had any luck selling their images on eBay?

I'm going to give it a bash, I've ordered 16"x20"s of my best images and will put them up for sale soon.

Any advice or experience from somebody who has tried would be appreciated!


they would have to be pretty good.... cos my photo's would never sell lol
EBay is for crooks and scam artists. It is no place for serious photography. I would consider a different plan.


While I would debate the first part of this, as every piece in my kit has come from ebay, that is for a different discussion. However, I definitely would not be going there to sell my artwork or prints.
I think the scam artists would be in the minority on eBay.

I'm only auctioning these ones as a test to see if my stuff is sellable for now. I've had a couple of images published, so hopefully they will be. I'm not sure about the profit margins that would exist selling on eBay as a shop.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Im not sure If I would do with Ebay. Have you tried Etsy? etsy dot com its a shop more for the artist. less scammers and its getting quiet the reputation for its artisians
I am not too sure about ebay for art. There are litterally thousands of pictures on there. Needs to be of a popular subject. And you need the maximum number of words in your title (more search hits possible). The biggest problem is getting it noticed from the thousands of others.

If possible I would try maybe renting a table at a fair or large community sale. Or even trying to get local resturants to hang them with just a small business card in lower corner advertising them for sale with your information.

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