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May 26, 2006
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British Columbia
I've heard a bunch of mixed reviews on the EF 50mm f1.8 MkII lens. Is it worth the hassle to try and find a MkI?? Is the image quality better or is it just the advantage of having a metal mount?? I've also Heard of a lot of inconsistancy in the quality, anyone had a bad copy here?? A good one?? Should I pop for the f1.4?? SOOO Many questions!!! HEELLPP
I wouldn't worry about it...just get the new Mk II lens. Sure the build quality is not that great...but that's why it's only $70 US. The optics should still be pretty good.

I have the older Mk I lens, with distance scale and metal mount but I've held the new one...not too much of a quality difference IMO.

If you have the cash and need for F1.4, then get the expensive one. It's supposed to be built much better but I've heard different opinions about weather it's optically better than the F1.8 or not.
ditto to what matt said. if you really feel that you'll be frusterated with the negatives of the 1.8 II, then just get the 1.4 version. I just got a 50mm 1.8 II because i needed something really cheap for a trip I'm taking. Here's what i think so far:

Build Quality/usability: Bad. Real bad. the build quality is near horrible, with a very very plasticky feel. It's almost too light, and feels like if you dont hold it right you'll crush it. It's useable, but gets a little annoying...the manual focus ring is a tiny little thing at the front of the lens, and is pretty impractical. the lens also doesnt have a focus scale, which can come in very handy.

Autofocus: It's decently fast, but not really fast. It's also kinda loud, which can be bad in certain situations. Certainly not as fast and silent as ultrasonic lenses like the 50mm 1.4, but still ok for most situations.

Optical Quality: very good. at f/1.8, you can usually get sharp images (you have to watch out because the DoF can be pretty shallow), and at f2.5 and above the images are razor sharp. there isn't much CA except at f1.8 and f2, but it's not bad, just a little glowy/low contrast. the bokeh is a little dissapointing, but certainly better than you might expect for a lens with only 5 aperture blades. out of focus grass looks pretty bad, but that's a pretty tough test for any lens.

Even after looking at the downsides I realized that the low price (i got mine barely used for $58 ) easily made up for them.
Thanks for the help guys, I just purchased an ef 50mm f1.8 MkII from Ebay. $62.00 U.S.D. Really looking forward to recieving it now!! With the money I saved on the lens, I ordered a hood (unfortunately not a petal Hood) from Hong Kong. All included it's going to cost me less for the lens and hood from EBAY, than it would for just the lens at my LCS. Thanks a million!!

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