Egypt - the photo reportage.


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Feb 21, 2006
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Parma- Italy
I'm returned after 2 weeks in Egypt. I have made the cruise on the Nile river, then the capital city Cairo, and finally the peninsula of the Sinai on the Red Sea. I have made many photos and I have put to them in my webpage of photography and travels of WEBSHOTS.

If you wanna see .....

Nile Cruise and Archeologic site Photos click on

The capital : Cairo

Red Sea , Sinai peninsula

Have a nice vision and thanks.

Greetings by Lucio from Italy.
Lucio, I should suggest you yourself pic out a couple of your favourites and post them directly for us to look at them. I for my part neither have the time nor the patience to look at all you pics there... and I'm afraid that applies to many other members. Response will be a lot better if you make a choice and post the photos directly. Egypt is interesting enough to fascinate a good many of us here!!!

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