EN-EL15 in my D7200


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Oct 4, 2014
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I was wondering if this is normal or not. I have a brand new D7200 and I'm less than impressed with the battery. I've taken around 260 shots, and the battery is down to less than 15%. Apparently the battery should be good for >1000 shots. Things that probably influenced the battery use:
Been playing around with the menus quite allot.
Did a few (around 15 ) 5s exposures, while 'light painting' with my canon Flash
Used the popup flash for around 10 shots
Used it outside @ around 10°C for roughly 90 minutes.

So I was wondering if the battery performance improves after a few charges. I did charge the battery full before using it for the 1st time.

I guess the shop could test the battery and replace it, but I will see if it improves after the next charge. Or am I being paranoid?
I can't give exact figures but yours sounds poor. I'd imagine it will improve over a few uses, I can imagine a lot of chimping and messing with settings when you get a new camera, especially when you are used to canon.

I got rid of my battery grip. one of the reasons was the d7200 seems to shoot and shoot with a single charge
Did it get fully charged first time around? Your charger blinks while charging and stops with a full charge. You can check the battery's condition in the Setup Menu by going into Battery Info where you can check the diagnostics. The shop won't necessarily be able to do any more than you can--aside from sell you another battery.Shutting off things like Active D-lighting, HDR, Vignette c0ntrol, Long Exposure NR, Hi-ISO NR in the Photo Shooting Menu can save a bit power. Long LCD review/play sessions and Live View can cost power. Still, the EN-EL15 usually packs a lot of juice.
Thank you for the replies. I read that switching the camera on and off often also eats a lot of juice. Yes it was fully charged when I inserted it. The battery menu is where I got the info from. I will put up a shot of the menu just before I remove it. Want to drain it before charging it again.
I forget my D610 even has a battery sometimes it lasts so long. I think you have a dud.

Even my two cheap replacement ones seem to last forever.
I forget my D610 even has a battery sometimes it lasts so long. I think you have a dud.

Even my two cheap replacement ones seem to last forever.

WHAT. It has a battery?
Yes, here is the screen shot. Charged it again last night and will see how round 2 goes.

No thats not right,I charged mine for the second time and had something in the mid 3 hundred shots and 63 percent left.
Do you have a Nikon OEM battery or a third party battery ?

My OEM Nikon EL15s lasted forever in my Nikon d7000 and d600.

If you use the LCD screen A LOT that will also drain the battery.
Live View, etc.

Also 3rd party battery grips could also cause battery drain (if battery in the grip) from when I first researched them.
I also turned off the NFC thats on by default until I have a need to use it and I spend minimal amount of time In the rear LCD. I check exposure occasionally as light changes and don't worry about all the images on the card until I bring them to the computer.I don't think NFC draws much battery In standby mode but if I don't use it no sense leaving it on.
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Being in the menus, cold weather and flash --- have a backup battery with you in a warm spot. A second battery also lets you troubleshoot if it is a battery issue or not.

These batteries, Li, do not need to be run all the way down before recharging, they last the longest if only partially discharged.
This is the battery that came with the camera. NFC is ff. If I get similar values after the 2nd charge I will have it replaced.
both are Nikon EL15:

My cameras been sitting around but I've been using it on the trip battery
Remaining from the Second full charge on The D7200 after this morning shots.

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