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Dec 4, 2007
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Hello All,

Heres the deal, I'm getting into wedding photography now, and I'm trying to get as much help and advice first before my first shoot in a couple months. I've been looking in this wedding forum for a while trying to get ideas and advice from other more experienced photographers.

In a month, I'm doing an engagement photoshoot. I'm not worried so much about Color, Quality, Clarity...etc. As much as i am organizing the different posses and such.

Are there any pointers that you could give me regarding this? How do you organize the engagement shoot? What are some common but effective posses to use?

Anything will help! Thanks in Advance :thumbup:
-Darrell C.

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I suggest looking though some magazines (bridal etc). Look for photos of couples or even just poses that you find appealing. You could even ask the couple to do the same. Then when you are doing the shoot, bring out the pages and try to emulate them.
Won't be to big of a help here but usually engaged couples are very easy to get 'into the swing of things'. With posing, use levels. Have her leaning up against a wall with him kind of doing the low down model pose beside her. Others with them walking towards you holding an umbrella looking at each other (that is one thing I missed with my one previous engagement session. Here she is adoringly looking up at him as he stairs straight ahead who knows where. Whoops!)
Thanks for moving, sorry about that.

Peanuts, Anything helps. Your suggestion helped. I may try that one, thanks for the Idea.
Usually the best engagement shots I see are the ones where they are interacting with each other somehow. Have him dip her, or they could whisper in each other's ears to make each other laugh.
I found that all the natural pictures come about 15-20 into the session. I usually start with the 'traditional' newspaper type pictures for them to warm up and feel more relaxed. A lot of parents/grandparents like the posed pictures. Then after I get to know them better I just kinda go with the flow. I try not to plan to much, a lot of times they will say can we try this or that...or I have seen you do this and I really like it etc....

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