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Feb 11, 2005
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Summerville, SC
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So I chartered into unconfident territory and did an engagement session. (they begged) I've done them before but really feel as though children are my strong point.

Let me know what you think....

Engagement Slideshow

Thanks. :)
Wow ..wow..

I think you did an AWESOME AWESOME job.


If you're this good at something which isn't your "thing" I can only imagine the wonders you work at your niche
Wonderful Job. I really liked the color fade and zoom together.
Nice work but the alternating Ken Burns is driving me completely insane.
they are wonderful.

the best set ive seen on here for a long time.

i bet they were over the moon with them.

great location and fantanstic lighting
Nice work but the alternating Ken Burns is driving me completely insane.

ROFL! You're absolutely right! I love the shots and everything but I couldn't put my finger on it!

Allsmiles, I think they are wonderful. They are definitely your style as far as the colors go and I love the B&W's just as much. Great job! I was not a fan of the color fade thing, but that's my opinion. Nice to see you "crossing over" =o)
Nice work but the alternating Ken Burns is driving me completely insane.

Haha, I actually totally agree with you! It kinda makes me crazy too, but the program tha that I use only has that one effect (unless you want to shell out an extra $100 for some additional effects) The fading from black to white drives me crazy too but it won't let you turn it off if you want both the black and white and the color pcitures in there. (which they wanted)
great job on these! what program did you use for your slideshow? i am using proshow gold, but i hate that i cant put it on my website and show it like that!

I'm using Showit Web (and if you but it soon there is a $50 off coupon code of "star") I like it because it is really easy to use and does everything for you, but by the same token, because it does everything for you, you don't have a lot of control over the way it moves and fades.
Thank you to everyone for all the nice comments, I really tried to do my best for this couple and I was SO scared about this session. I'm glad that it seems to have all worked out.
On the whole of it that presentation was great but for photo criticism they all kinda zoomed past too quick. I did notice a blue car in the back of one shot that might not be so great when viewed normally.

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