Enigma of the cat


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Jul 21, 2003
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It looks like the site you host your photos on has a daily bandwidth usage limit...and, enough people have looked at it to put you over the top.

It just gives you an error message at this point, telling you the limit has been exceeded. Usually it resets every 24 hours when they do this.
Same result as chaseman.

Check out the ongoing list thread for a webspace provider.
Got it now.
Very good...but personally I would have like a little more contrast so that the cat stands out more.
like it! The curve of the wood makes me feel a little unbalanced and dizzy - but that may be the red bull...
I've tried a million times to take an 'action' pic of my cat but it was always too quick for me. Then it went really fat and lazy and i had loads of pics of it sleeping but not doing anything. Then it died and now all i have is pics. :(
it was a matter of seconds, I was just at right place at right time. Hope you will take one too :)

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