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    I have an SLR camera EOS 300. I want yo buy a digital SLR (EOS300D). Can I use the lens and the external flash, from the EOS300 to EOS300D?
    Where can I find a list (and reviews) of compatible lenses for my old EOS 300 camera?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    All EOS cameras, both film & digital, have the same mounting ring so a lens that fits on one will fit on the other. It's called the Canon EF mount...all compatible Canon lenses have the EF designation. The exception to the rule are the EF-S lenses. These lenses will only fit on a few of Canon's digital SLR bodies. (300D included) In fact, the kit lens that usually comes with the Digital Rebel is an EF-S lens...so you would not be able to use that lens on your film EOS 300.

    What is the model number of the flash? Some flash units are compatible but some are not.

    Here is Canon's list of EF lenses. http://www.usa.canon.com/html/eflenses/lineup/

    There are also other companies that make lenses to fit on Canon EOS cameras. Sigma & Tamron are two of the best.

    If you are planning on buying the 300D...maybe wait a few weeks and have a look at the new 350D. It's an upgrade to the 300D.

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