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Aug 11, 2004
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okay...this is sad but true...the second stylus c82 died tonight. it's the THIRD freakin Epson printer that has "gone the way of MDowdey". each after about a year of use light to moderate use the heads get so clogged that it can't be cleaned by me and it is just stupid to pay Epson to fix it when I will just end up replacing it in a year anyways. Now don't get me wrong the quality of print is awesome but it's so noisy and it vibrates when it prints, the cartridges are insanely expensive...$35 for a black cartridge. i've stuck with epson for so long due to them being mac friendly.

Thus after $35 and two scorching trips so wally world, and some choice words with my late printer... im ready for a new one since even the lowliest of printer is mac friendly now. I'm obviously not going with Epson...Or Lexmark...they suck too...HP? not sure...maybe canon?

Any input on a decent low cost printer is welcome.

I reccomend the Epson R300 it is amazing and the quality of prints is also amazing! Plus you can get Alternative Printer Cartridges! at about 3/4 off the Price. so instead of ÂŁ20 per black ink, you can get 3 full sets for that price and does not harm the printer or quality! Good Luck in looking for a new one!
I've got a Canon ip6000d and love it :) Not sure what your price range is, but I think anything Canon is good, I'm a bit bias though ;) You might find a couple of printers and then compare and read reviews on them...
We have owned every major brand printer since buying our first, an Epson FX-80 in 1981. This was a real workhorse, but dot matrix. We have owned a Canon laser, and several Canon BJ series. The laser was a great printer, but the BJ's always failed after 12-18 months due to print head failure. All were good printers, but repair costs were almost as high as a new printer. This was in the age of $1000 monochrome printers. Our HP's all had paper feed problems after a year or two. My wife as one now that will only feed one sheet at a time. I have heavily used an Epson 2200 13X19 printer. It has been bullet proof and image quality is awesome. All ink jets we have had except Epson's use an ink that bleeds when wet. Also, the HP's we have had lack any real longevity to there prints. I have a 24" X 48" print hanging on my wall from a HP that is only a year old. All colors are now washed out and faded. So, my recommendation would be buy a printer that's price point is comparable to the life expectancy you desire. A $75 printer is only going to give you $75 worth of service. Of the higher end printers, I believe Epson will give you the best service and the best print quality. JMHO.
IMO, the only manufacturer as good as epson goes (for print quality and performance) is Canon.
Thanks guys. i broke down and bought a cheapy HP for the time being- just to have something to print on. not to shabby for 50 smackers. BUt i've been doing some research and the canon seems to be the brand I'm gonna try. I'm with amanda on showing favoritism and the name hasnt let me down yet.
Kewl...thanks Hobbes...that's about the price range Im looking at too for the good one...I'm still freakin impressed with the HP. I'ev been running heavy cardstock paper through it for days and it prints like a monster. AND the tiny ink cartridges seem to be holding an infinite amount of ink too.
Hey I have a Epson c84, the sister printer to the C80, and I dont print much, but I dont have the problems I did when I had my Lexmarks, I highly reccomend any Epson printers they are bulit for speed and quality, and they are so much faster then my lexmark. Infact, the Epson makes all 3 of my Lexmarks feel like they were thro away printers, buy them for one time use with the ink they came with, because when I replaced the ink it never worked right after.

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