Escher-like stairs (b&w)


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Feb 16, 2006
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It's quite hard to work out what's real and what's not with these stairs.The black and white treatment makes it even harder! For more info go to


Thanks folks. In colour the staircase is dark blue, so it's a bit clearer what's real and what's shadow, but in b&w it becomes very confusing!

Regards, Tony
Another excellent "genuine tb2"!
I am so impressed with your work.
Have just been through the entire slide show in your blog and have enjoyed seeing some new ones and some "old friends" (a good many, actually) AND enjoyed finding a self-portrait of the very self "tb2" --- cool.
Do plan to travel to London in very early September. Please! For the TPF meet-up there on 2 and 3 September. Please put that into your calendar and come, will you?
Glad you liked todays offering and pleased you found the "back catalogue" with the mug-shot!

Thanks for the invitation Corinna. My oldest son lives in London, and nothing would give me more pleasure than to be at the meet. Unfortunately I'm taking early retirement with effect from September 1st, and my wife is keen that we go to France then. It's not been firmly arranged yet so who knows?

Regards, Tony
With early retirement you can go to France AT ANY TIME! ;)
It need not be right on the second and third day of your early retirement, does it? If you have the chance to meet with your fellow TPFers (and me, maybe? I am working hard on making my trip over come true!)
I like it !!
It realyy is hard to figure out where the stairs end and the shadows start
As always I've been prompted by one of your posts to enjoy browsing through your blog. Your writing makes them interesting as well as being great shots on their own, I just hope you don't take early retirement from your blog!

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