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Nov 14, 2005
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Hi Guys,

I recently went to a company event (Corporate Annual Dinner Dance), there was no photographer so I stepped up and took a load of shots. After posting the link of the gallery on the company network I received a lot of good feedback, these are direct quotes:

"Got to say, cracking photos there. You’ve certainly got an eye for a photo! What a great night… and captured superbly by your photography.
Nice one!"

"Some (indeed many!) excellent photos there! Very high quality images. Thanks for taking the time to take them"

"You’ve taken some corkers there mate"

This has given me a bit of a confidence boost to use my kit in this sort of fashion. I'm considering offering my services for free to a few events to see how they come out, then hopefully take things further.

I'll try and post some pics but I want to get peoples permission before I put them up on the web, I know they are my pics but I think its polite since they are my colleagues.

Do you guys have any thoughts on my plans, any advice?


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