EVOLT 330 vs EVOLT 500


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Jul 18, 2007
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Which is better? I can get the 330 for about $250 and a 500 for about $360 on ebay. I am pretty much narrowed down to the Olympus cameras since I love the feel of them compared to the D40 and Canon Rebel, also they are way cheaper. I was curious as to which is the better camera and by how much. I don't care for the live view on the 330 but you can turn it off. I assumed I could get the cheaper 330 and then get a second lens.

I am a beginner when it comes to SLR cameras so be gentle. thanks in advance.

I am going to be taking pictures of people/action shots and using a macro lens if that factors in the decision at all.

Also the rep at the camera store said that there are no additional lenses available for the Olympus series... I said that you can use an adapter for the camera but she said it wasnt a good idea since it limits the image, I dont know what that means if someone can clear that up...


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Nov 14, 2006
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Seems both cameras dont operate very well at high ISO settings (which will make low light/indoor shooting a bit problematic). A camera that can capture good shots at a high-iso is VERY valuable if you are going to be shooting action scenes at night.

However, if you're using either in a controlled environment, it seems like the E-500 is a much better option than the 330.

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