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May 9, 2006
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Hey you all, just reading a lot here lately. Pretty cool stuff, but it seems like I just picked up the wrong camera, since all I see is Canon written everywhere (no offence to anyone).:er: I just got an Olympus e-500, over the Rebel xt (only cause I couldn't keep my lower fingers on the grip). 3 days old, and since the weather is very wet right now I havn't tried it out too much. I don't take to many photos inside either. From all my readings I feel like I should get the xt. Please help, I need some closure:shock: on this horrible dilemma of mine. Have an awsome rest of your Thursday.
I really don't know much about that camera...mostly because I don't know of anyone who has one. I've read some of the comparison reviews and if I remember correctly, it is a decent camera but not at the same level as the Canon or Nikon models.

One big reason I would recommend the Rebel XT (or even the Nikon D50) over the Evolt...is lenses. Canon and Nikon have the best selection of lenses. Pentax, I think would come in 3rd. The Evolt uses the 3/4 lens mount...which is fairly new and doesn't have a lot of choice.

A lot of people find that the XT is just too small. I bought the bigger 20D for this and a few other reasons. There is a battery grip attachment that makes the body easier to hold.

I don't think that you should return the camera, just because everyone else has a Canon...but if you had asked for advice before buying, most people would probably recommend the Canon (or Nikon). If you do really want to return it, probably best to do it sooner, rather than later.
Hey Big Mike,
You were the one that was putting the Canon ideas in my head in the first place :) But you're right, If I posted earlier. It was just one of them buy first, then figure out what you bought kind of days. Either way, I think I'll enjoy and produce some fine results.
I got my Canon 350d:thumbup: Now I'm ready to rock and roll.:mrgreen:

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