Excuse the ugly model, but....


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Mar 1, 2005
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Arlington, TX
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What do you think of the lighting? Too flat? And how is the skin tone?

I think it is a GREAT photo! I am sure you will get a lot of ridicule about the hat, but since I am a country girl..I love the hat!! The lighting is great, except your face is just a little flushed looking, but easily fixed in Photoshop to match closer to the color of the rest of your skin coloring.
haha awesome. love the 'tude and outfit, very southern. it's hard to say when lighting is good or not sometimes, because it really depends on what the shot is for or what you're trying to accomplish 'feel-wise' with the image. for a straight forward - even lit lighting, this is good. However, i think a slightly more directional lighting would benefit here. It helps the light from being so flat - one or two lights and a reflector in certain arrangements can make either a flat boring lighting (not saying yours is, just for discussion purposes :) ) or a dramatic, 'painting' light that reveals form and detail just by itself. Skin tone seems fine to me, maybe a little red (?) though.
I agree with thebeginning, maybe even just some additional light on the background to create more definition. I think the clothes and hat work well :thumbsup:
Nothing new to add that wasn't already said about the lighting...but...I wanted to say...I LOVE THE JEANS AND BAREFEET! :D The portraits I did of my boyfriend and I back in November were like that...love that look. :D
this is great... but what are you hiding behind the hat?
ShutteredEye said:

Wouldn't you like to know.....
Why yes.....as a matter of fact, I would! :mrgreen:

I like it! I'd like to see another shot that implemented the additional lighting suggestions, but for a first attempt, it's very good. :thumbup:
"Ugly model" --- pffffft!
Not true, not true!
I know the person and there is no ugliness ANYWHERE to be found!

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