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Apr 24, 2009
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Pasadena CA
Hello Everyone,
My name is Scott Michael Harris. I am a interactive museum exhibit designer, and I try to experiment with just about every corner of electronic visual arts. I Just moved to Southern California from New York City and I am still adjusting to the change in scene.

I am also the owner of Shuttercal.com ...that's a free calendar based photography project I have been working on for over a year and a half now. I'm going to try to respect the owners of TPF and not to over-advertise it here the best I can, but it's pretty much one the biggest parts of my professional life right now, and has recently become my main answer to the age old question of "what do you do?"

I am not a pro photographer. I am a designer... but I hope to meet some cool people here, learn a little more about the trade, and share some photos of mine while giving what feedback I can on yours.

If I had to pick my best skill, I'd say it's project strategy and development.
If I had to pick the skill I'd like to improve most, I'd say it's commercial product photography.

Looking forward to this place ;)
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Hi there Scott, and welcome to TPF! Both your dayjob and photography project sound very interesting.

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