Exif and P.I.M. II images


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Feb 15, 2006
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I just got a Epson 1800 and have been calibrating the printouts. I was reading inthe manual about using Exif or P.I.M. II Images. What type of images are these? I tried to open a Tiff as one but it doesn't work. Really I do not fully understand P.I.M. if anyone can explain in better terms than the manual how to calibrate my monitor with my printout I would appreciate it..
hi hope this helps PRINT IMAGE MATCHING ,,, set your monitor colour profile to sRGB and make sure your printer is set to icm on and what you see is what you print .i.e i set my photoshop...monitor..and my canon 350d to adobeRGB and what ive shot is what i see and as ive got PRINT IMAGE MATCHING or icm turned on in the printer settings it aslo prints the same ,,you could even go into printer settings and assign a profile there instead of using icm on the printer settings just to be sure ,,,hope this help..

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