expert advise needed on video filming


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Feb 20, 2012
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im not sure if this is the right place to ask but i cant find any other better place to ask as lot of experts is here
i would appreciate any guide or information provided, recently i saw a SAAQ video on youtube and what im interested in this video is how they edit the movement of camera while the image is like paused, if you wanna know what im talking about here's the video

appreciate if any tutorial on how to make such effects
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This is not a video forum. It's a forum for film photography.

This stuff:

Like, the whole video? Or is there a particular moment you're talking about?
Oh ok. It's spliced. So the first part obvs was double or triple speed, with frames cut out. Once it got to the police thing, thats another video that was staged.
^Sarcasm? Because film and video are synonymous, so its actually just bad English.
Because film and video are synonymous

Not to those with at least a moderate knowledge of photography/cinematography/videography and their histories.

video filming
An oxymoron.

But since the OP can't find the shift key or the appropriate forum, it's no big surprise. ;)

These mis-posts have become more numerous lately.

Perhaps re-naming this forum "Analog Photo" would help (though many might not know what that means either).

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