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Facebook issue...


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Sep 9, 2009
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Palo Alto, CA
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So I love it when my clients post the pictures on FB and you see the great comments. However, FB does some really really horrid things to the photos and I'm trying to understand the issue so it can be avoided. I am not versed enough to know if there is a certain file size to shoot for when posting to FB so the compression doesn't kill them, or if there's a certain color profile you really need to use (like don't use ProPhoto) or what. I see photogs with posted pics (not linked) that still look great, Ryan Brenizer is one. FB is prevelant enough and a good marketing source that I would want to address this in my editing to be sure the pics look good where clients end up posting them as well as on my own site.

Any insight, recommendations, best practices, etc. is appreciated!
I have seen the same thing. I added some photos to Facebook and the colors was just totally off!
Would love to know how to get around this problem.
The photos best be downsized to 600px wide and stored at a lower resolution than you would normally choose (though I stored at PS 10 and it was ok), so that FB doesn't do it's own resizing - which it will still do, but there is little left for them to do then and the photos will get altered a lot less. But apparently, FB wreaks havoc with large files that haven't previously been downsized by the member.
Photos for internet viewing should probably be sRGB, rather than ProPhoto or Adobe RGB etc.

As mentioned, many websites will automatically resize large images. This is because most people don't realize how large their photos are, and don't do any post processing...they just upload them as-shot....which of course, is much too big for screen viewing and large files can slow down a website.

So by doing it yourself, you may circumvent their automatic image adjustments. The first thing is to resize it, down to 600-800 pixels wide. Then when you save-as to JPEG, dial down the quality/compression to get a smaller file size. You can actually go pretty low before you can see any quality loss.
I encourage sharing photos through my Smugmug web galleries. Most web galleries have a share function. The shared photos end up with link back to my gallery, which greatly increases traffic for me.

Also, I don't end up with any sizing/horrid FB adjustments - for some reason.
Don't forget one thing tough, when you join facebook in the "terms of service" they have the right to use any kind of photo that is uploaded. So, when you put your work in your page they can use it! (and there's nothing you can do about it.)

You can still use it to show your work to others, I just advice to put a link instead of upload photos. Unless you don't care :p
I haven't had issue, as yet, but mine are all resized to 800 px at most (largest side). I usually keep them around 600 px.
I have experienced the same thing, and I often include a disclaimer.
Most of my troubles arise from my wife posting the shots of our son on FB.

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