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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Just for once I wanted to push all the sliders in the tone mapping part of creating an HDR to some sort of maximum (this time a true one out of three different exposures taken with the help of the the camera's auto exposure function, all three 2 stops apart), and this is what I got in the end (there was some PS work done in addition to creating this HDR photo, too):


It is not the kind of photo I would wish to produce from now on at all times, but it is funny to see the effect of the town look like a colour pencil drawing now, I think.
Now that's how I remember Germany!!!
Hey, thanks for coming to take a look, Walter. I doubt it is North German towns you know or ever see in photos, but Stade (which is where this was taken) is pretty far north - and very pretty in its Old Town area, too, as you can see! :D I took many more, a good many triple-exposure pics for later HDR-treatment, but haven't made all of them this strong. I only played in this manner with some of them. This one appealed to me. I also tried a b&w conversion of this one.
I was in southem Germany- I think. I never had to look at a map. Spent a few weeks/months in Ansbach, Oberammergau, Garmisch, Wiesen-something-or-other, Munich but most of my time further north in Nurenburg (please forgive my phonetic spelling). About 35 years ago. Such a blur now. Remember a lot of birch forests, too small cobblestone roads, brightly colored villages. Knew enough German to order beer and bratwurst. Loved getting out and exploring. I didn't look military. Kept my hair cut different. Used to go to a park in Furth and draw landscapes. I remember church bells coming from every different direct on Sundays. Don't remember too much sun- A couple days. I do wish I could make it back to see more, but that's just not in the cards ever since this last year.

Nice photo, good comp and colors. I like the detail- but how'd you get the birds to work with 3 separate exposures?
You must ask those birds that! For I did take three different exposures. One after the other, in auto exposure mode. I could look for which of them has the birds.

And yes. You were in the south. All the places you mention are clearly SOUTH Germany.
Right, I found it out for you, Walter:

The first photo taken was the middle exposure, at 9:22,57 a.m., the second taken was the underexposed one (for the sky), at 9:23,00 a.m., and that one is responsible for the birds. While the last taken (the overexposure - for the pavement and shadows) is responsible for the person, and it was taken at 9:23,04 a.m.

Here are the three photos that made the HDR:



Cool, thanks. I'm usually pretty careful about keeping animals and people out of my hdr exposures. Just thought it was great that the birds came out so good (and didn't notice the person).

Something I've been experimenting with, and it seems to work better for me on buildings, is to do a black and white layer and fade the opacity. Sometimes adjust the shadow/highlight levels of the b&w. Tends to subdue the colors a bit.
Haha that's so neat!!! I really am just waiting for the munchkins to come skipping out of the little houses.
I think you did a marvalous job with HDR....and it's and interesting shot.

I can't seem to get the hang of it yet, but I'm still trying.....
Horizon is tilted. (Kidding) <--alluding to "City of Graffiti" in the general gallery. :)

Nice HDR, gives it sort of a painting feel. I really like this processing, and the title fits "Fairy Tale Town"

going candy colour blind ... !

interesting ...

maybe a warmer touch to the originals (white balance?) could have given a more natural tone?
You might be right, and if I remember right, I warmed all my Stade-HDRs up a little, temperaturewise, since they ALL came out quite blue. I don't know if such a very, very clear blue sky can produce that amount of blue all around? The sun was barely up, too (but that gives the tops of the houses quite a bit of yellow!).
My camera will only allow me to go up and down one stop which may not be the best for dark areas so I am going to use the shutter to control that. Any suggestions as to how many shots I should take and the difference between each? I know the conditions are going to dictate that, but just as a general guide (if its an hour from sunset say a 1/2, 1/50, 1/200 and a 1/500-600 to get the sky blue). I have not yet tried HDR but I am facinated by them as the results and techniques appear endless.

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