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Feb 13, 2006
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Hi :wink:

MY name is Terence living in Toronto Canada. I am absolutely delighted to inform everyone on the planet that Mabel (now my beloved wife) and I had an intimate wedding held near Disney's Polynesian resort at 9 am on Feb 22, 2006 !

As Disney groom/bride, we took Castle photo session at 6 am on the same wedding day. You will see on my website below that i organized my photos into 4 various sections. Basically Castle photos were taken by Disney photographer wheresa ceremony and Grand Floridian photos were taken by my photographer based in Florida. I enjoyed the artisitic shots by my photographer. (I think i showed the Indoor portrait photos before, they were taken in local Toronto bridal studio)

Let me know any particular picture(s) that you like! I would love to hear it on the guestbook or here in the forum.

It looks like you had a truly magical time! Congratulations!
These are all great. I must say that I especially love the one of the two of you through the window. Of the indoor portrait ones, I especially like the one with the aqua backdrop.
My family and I have booked a week long Disney vacation for July. I am just as excited as my kids. (I cannot wait to take photos there! HAHA).
Absolutely stunning photos...The photographer succeeded. I feel like I was there. Wonderful !!

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